The beginning

Everything starts somewhere.

When I built my house years ago, the builders installed a steel post to help support the roof and a wall between two spaces. Sheetrock went up beside it, floors below it, and a ceiling above it, and I had an idea: I would mosaic this post and make it a beautiful thing. Italian cloisters have wonderful mosaic columns, so why not here, in my home?

I knew how to do a lot of things, but not how to make a mosaic.
I only knew that I liked them.

I took a class, and made a small one. Then I made a few more and took a few more classes. I started buying more supplies than I’ll use in my lifetime. I joined the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) and met interesting and talented artists who also made mosaics. I was amazed at the variety of styles, materials, techniques. I made some mosaics to embellish floors and to hang on walls. To my surprise, some of them were selected to hang in shows.

One day I began to make bigger things and found them leaving the two dimensional plane. Hmm, sculptures. That was unexpected. That’s the current direction. I have more ideas than time. I still work slowly.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, but in my house, between two spaces, there is still a bare steel pole. It deserves better, having been such an inspiration. Maybe I’ll get to it soon. Then I'll put a photo here.